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All STAR Lecture Series

All STAR fall 2013 STAR-logoFrom meltdowns to picky eating, children with Sensory Processing Disorder require a different kind of parenting. What is perceived as bad behavior in need of a logical consequence may in fact be a neurological traffic jam in need of a certain kind of relief.

These informal sessions focus on topics of interest to those impacted by sensory challenges. Learn tips and suggestions directly from the staff of the STAR Center. Individuals, parents and professionals will benefit from these informative sessions.

Who should attend?
Parents, caregivers, clinicians, teachers, mental health and medical professionals

Registration Required
To attend in person, contact Jodi at STAR Center at 303-865-7648 or To attend online webinar, please purchase below.


Recorded Webinars Available for Instant Viewing:

Lecture 1: Resilience and SPD – Foundation for Positive Social Relationships
Roianne Ahn, PhD, Psychologist
The impact of SPD on social relationships is extensive, but it doesn’t have to be all negative! This presentation focuses on what parents can do to help foster resilience in a child with SPD that will help them improve friendships.

See Roianne Ahn, PhD as she facilitates this parent-friendly and informative lecture. Dr. Ahn is a licensed psychologist at STAR Center and works with children, teenagers, adults and families.

All STAR Lecture 1 (without CEU Test/Certification)


All STAR Lecture 1 (with CEU Test/Certification)


Lecture 2: Surviving the Holidays with a Picky Eater
Kay A. Toomey, PhD, Psychologist, Director of feeding program
Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, holiday parties…. all occasions that are ripe for challenges and problems for the child with feeding difficulties. What to say to family members, how to avoid embarrassing situations and getting through these special times smoothly takes a lot of skill.

World-renowned feeding expert, Kay A. Toomey, PhD, presents help and answers at this exceptional session. Dr. Toomey is a pediatric psychologist who has worked with children who don’t eat for nearly 30 years. She is the director of SOS Feeding Solutions at the STAR Center.

All STAR Lecture 2 (without CEU Test/Certification)


All STAR Lecture 2 (with CEU Test/Certification)


Lecture 3: Building a Social Foundation – Understanding the Development of Social Skills
Carrie Dishlip, M.S., CCC-Speech Language Pathologist
Join Carrie Dishlip, M.S. CCC-SLP, one of STAR’s speech and language pathologists for a parent-friendly discussion on building social foundations. Learn about the typical social skill development, red flags for social concerns and what can be done to help your child build their social awareness and abilities.

Carrie has served as Augmentative and Alternative Communications Specialist and has advanced training in motor speech disorders including childhood apraxia of speech and dysarthria.

All STAR Lecture 3 (without CEU Test/Certification)


All STAR Lecture 3 (with CEU Test/Certification)


Lecture 4:  SPD in the Classroom: Overview of SPD Subtypes and Strategies to Increase School Participation
Mim Bartos, OTR and Vincentia Ferrari, OTR
SPD effects at least 1 in every 20 children  – that’s one in every classroom. It is often misdiagnosed as ADHD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, or Autism. Even more common, SPD is not diagnosed as a disorder at all… instead the child’s issues are attributed to “bad behavior”. “poor motivation”, or “social-emotional problems”.  Understand how to recognize SPD in the classroom and learn how to use A SECRET to support children with SPD in the classroom setting.

Join Mim Bartos, OTR and Vincentia Ferrari, OTR, experienced therapists at STAR Center, as they discuss this important topic. Mim, who has worked in a variety of pediatric settings including in-patient and outpatient hospital care, home care, schools, and private clinics is also well educated on topics including dyspraxia, modulation, posture, and feeding issues. She worked with an autism clinic to develop a model classroom for children with ASD, incorporating many of the strategies discussed in this presentation. Mim has also presented on a variety of topics to different audiences including sensory processing, feeding, and handwriting.

Vin has also worked in a variety of settings including outpatient pediatric clinics, school systems, and early intervention services. Vin has presented training on sensory treatment and strategies which included setting up and directing a sensory modality classroom. Vin has received continuing education training in iLs, auditory processing, feeding, NDT, hippotherapy, and handwriting.

Lecture 4: (without CEU Test/Certification)


Lecture 4: (with CEU Test/Certification)


Lecture 5: Resistance: Helping People Accept That Your Child Has SPD
Roianne Ahn, PhD, Psychologist
Your friends, neighbors, co-workers, relatives, even your doctor…they either don’t understand why your child “misbehaves”, doesn’t play well with other children, won’t wear “appropriate” clothing, has meltdowns, etc. or they tell you it’s just a phase. You know your child is different, that Sensory Processing Disorder is a real condition that is disrupting your child’s every day activities. So how do you explain SPD to those doubters and when do you just walk away? This lecture helps with guidance in assessing the people and situation to decide when and how to prepare and advocate for your child.

Dr. Roianne Ahn is a psychologist who has transformed hundreds of families’ lives through her work with children, teenagers, and adults. Through consultation, testing, therapy, and coaching, she helps individuals and caregivers understand the neurobiology underlying SPD and how to help those with SPD successfully learn, relate, and grow!

Lecture 5: (without CEU Test/Certification)


All Star Lecture 5 +CEU


Lecture 6: Having Fun with Food: Make Meal Time Enjoyable for the Whole Family
Bethany Kortsha, OTR

Meal times with a picky eater or problem feeder can be stressful for the entire family. Understand how to recognize the factors of postural stability, sensory processing, and oral motor abilities and how they contribute to mealtime stress. By first addressing these factors the child can then begin to focus and enjoy foods to make mealtimes and food fun.

Learn fun techniques from Bethany Kortsha, OTR, and feeding therapist at STAR Center. Besides Bethany’s years of extensive training under the guidance and mentorship of world-renowned feeding expert, Dr. Kay Toomey, she has worked as a member on a multidisciplinary team in a day treatment clinic for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, SPD, emotional/behavioral disorders, and feeding problems.
Lecture 6: (without CEU Test/Certification)


All Star Lecture 6 +CEU



Lecture 7: SPD and Summer Fun
Stephanie Capshaw, OTD, OTR
April 29, 2014
8:30pm – 10:00 pm (ET) 6:30pm – 8:00pm (MT)

Most kids can’t wait for the summer break to be free of the school schedule and homework, but for kids with SPD transitioning to the summer schedule and different routines can be a troublesome time. Learn some easy strategies to help with these transitions as well as some great summer fun activities especially for sensory kids.

Enjoy this upbeat presentation by Stephanie Capshaw, OTD, OTR, and Director of Education for the SPD Foundation and Clinical OT at STAR Center. Stephanie has over 15 years of experience in pediatric occupational therapy and academia. She has spent her clinical career working with children from birth to 21 in the public schools, outpatient clinical settings, and in the home.

Lindsay Fogerty, OTR and Maura Mooneyham, OTR, both therapists at STAR Center are also contributors to this program.


Lecture 7: (without CEU Test/Certification)


All Star Lecture 7 +CEU